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At, I hope to help my readers to become savvier when it comes to managing daily finances. I believe that to use your resources more efficiently, you will need to go back to the basics and save on the little things. After all, it’s the small things that count.

Covering from topics like shopping psychology to good habits to adopt, will work tirelessly to present you with entertaining and educating content on the daily basis. Hopefully, this blog will be your go-to platform for advice and tips on shopping, and more than that, will be your eyes when it comes to spotting the latest promotions in town!

Shopping and Money Saving Tips

Whether you are a shopaholic or not, a good discount or money saving opportunity should never be passed up on. is your one stop online channel where you can read more about the innumerable money saving tips, be it through a sale or simply wiser spending habits.

Through this blog, I will supply you with valuable information on how to become a more efficient spender, maximising the use of your resources in the best possible way. From giving advice to heads up on any on-going promotions, this blog is the place to start on your journey to becoming a more financial savvy individual.

When it comes to spending, here are some basic money saving tips that you can begin with:

Keep Your Options Open

The phrase ‘Only fools rush in’ is very relevant when it comes to spending. Say for an example, you are looking to furnish your home with a display shelf and you enter a shop lined with tons of glass display cabinets. You pick the one you like best and buy it on a whim, ignoring the fact that there are a few more furniture shops in your area that could possibly be carrying the exact item you just bought, and at a lower price. The first rule of thumb, give yourself some time to check out a couple of places before you make your purchase.

Spot the Pattern – Promotions are often a seasonal thing and observe long enough, you’ll find that spotting a upcoming sale isn’t all that difficult. With goods like food and fashion apparels, sales occur when seasons change. Whatever it is that, figuring out the pattern in which sales happen in your community is one of the most important money saving tips.

Outlet Shopping

For those who enjoy the luxury of having an outlet mall or two not too far from you, take advantage of it! Outlet shopping is one of the best ways to save on your spending. While you are there, don’t go heading straight for retailers that carry an array of brands. Instead, go for stores that are owned by the brand itself or sell multiple brands under the same parent company. In such cases, prices of the goods tend to be cheaper as a third party seller isn’t involved. This way, you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

Do Your Research

Sometimes, when we’re looking for that perfect kitchen equipment or a particular gadget, we find ourselves fixated on a specific brand. A friend and/or family member might have raved about it or it could be a general perception that a certain brand’s the most reliable of the lot. In situations like this, refer to rule #1. Don’t rush into it, and do your research. You might just find out that you’ve been wrong all along and there are other similar products in the market that you can get at a fraction of the price you were planning to shell out.

Newsletters & Fan Pages

While many would avoid signing up for email updates or liking Facebook fan pages to prevent their mailboxes from cluttering up, these are in fact fantastic ways to receive promotions and even vouchers! Furthermore, you’ll be in the know of any upcoming deals that could even be exclusive to fans and followers. Since most of these are paperless and only require a minute of your time, what’s the harm?

On a final note, patience is key to a good spending habit and impulse buys are never the way to go. Shopping efficiently does require a certain amount of planning and preparation. But the long-term benefits of this habit are without a doubt, worth it.